Why Choose BHI?

Home Inspection Cost

When considering home inspection cost, it’s worth remembering you get what you pay for. Will the inspector that charges less but only takes an hour and a half to inspect your home catch all the problems? Will they climb the roof if possible or use a drone to check the roof, and crawl through the crawlspace? Some lower-fee inspectors are newer and less experienced or work in a team. Both of these situations can result in a lower-quality inspection for you.

When looking to buy medical insurance most people search for the best they can get for the premiums they pay.  Just because it's lower priced does not guarantee a good policy.  Wouldn’t you do the same when it comes to your largest asset: your home?

Same-Day Report

Your inspection report is available no later than the evening of the inspection day. Not all home inspectors offer this.  Many take a day or two.  Payment can easily be made by credit card when your report is ready and sent to you by e-mail.   There are no credit card fees!!!  Your inspection report is loaded with photos and videos, clearly illustrating defects and what to do about them.