Certified Mold Testing

License #: IAC2-94546

Mold inspections alert you to mold growing inside your home, rental, or commercial property. Professional mold inspectors examine your property to locate signs of excess moisture, water damage, and active infestations. 

A certified mold inspector will:

Toxic mold is often a prime suspect in cases of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), a multi-symptom illness that affects the lungs, heart, skin, and central nervous system. Mold is also known to exacerbate asthma attacks and other preexisting respiratory conditions.

Mold inspections and professional mold testing can isolate traces of toxic mold inside your home. Once you’re aware of a mold problem, you’ll be able to minimize exposure and protect your loved ones.

Mold is a parasite that feeds on organic hosts, such as paper, cardboard, ceiling tiles, wood, and drywall. When left to colonize unchecked, mold can devour building materials and pave the way for dry rot. In extreme cases, you may have no choice but to raze the entire structure to the ground.

Locating and remediating mold growth right out the gate can save your building from a ton of structural damage. This is where professional mold inspections can help.

Mold inspectors assess places you wouldn’t normally look for mold. They check behind walls, under plumbing fixtures, inside flooring or ceiling tubes, and underneath appliances. Thanks to their efforts, you may have a better shot at removing the infestation before it spirals out of control and affects other areas in your building.